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Operations and Business Development by Specialists

Improving efficiency  with advanced technology solutions for Power Generation...


Power Management System (PMS)  is a "better way" of managing corporate equipment assets. It blends the best processes, practice and technology to assure highest effectiveness in your specific business, operating, organizational and material conditions.


Equipment and Spare Parts Solutions

Qunique-n Entrepreneurs partners in the U.S.A. and Europe with leading manufacturers of Quality Replacement and O.E.M. parts for HFO, Diesel and Gas engines, Air and Gas Compressors, Separators , Pumps and plant ancillary equipment. In addition we can provide complete solutions with certified generating sets and water treatment equipment.

Operation & Maintenance Management

Our commitment is to provide

enhanced and optimized availability and equipment reliability based on operations and maintenance experience, risk monitoring, diagnostic expertise and knowledge of the equipment, necessary to keep the Power Plant profitable, available and competitive so as to meet the client business objectives.

Power Plant Operational Consultancy

We are continuously redefining competitiveness of business and operating models, with talent and leadership, driving both efficiency and growth of our customers.

We are builders of high performance power plants operations techniques, helping our customers achieve superior financial results



Monitoring Systems developed by motcom GmbH.

BeCOMS® / BCom

The BeCOMS® / BCom system is a bearing condition online monitoring system, which prevents large-scale part damages resulting in long down times and costly repair.

It measures and analyses the condition of the bearings and slip surfaces, allowing to recognise failures at an early stage.


SiCOMS® / OCom

The SiCOMS® / OCom system is a single compartment oil mist monitoring system.

It prevents engines against highly ignitable oil mist concentration, which can result in an explosion causing large scale engine damages and in a worst case the loss of human lives.

motcom® loganalyser

The motcom loganalyser provides extended diagnostic functions for the BeCOMS® | BCom and SiCOMS® | OCom systems and helps to maintain engine health and safety.

It offers offline logfile analysis as well as online logfile monitoring and long-time trend observation.



Improve your Plant Operational Effectiveness by performing continuous monitoring and executing preventive maintenance and CBM at the right time, only with Genuine or High Quality Aftermarket Parts. Request a QUOTE. 


Buying is a simple activity whereas procurement is detailed process vital for the majority of businesses. In many ways, the ability to procure is as important as the ability to sell but is rarely considered so.

Whilst effective procurement should save you money it is not just about buying products or services more cheaply. Let us help you grow your business.

  • Procurement of principal equipment, ancillary equipment for power generation, water treatment and gas compression plants.

    • Financial Modeling

    • Purchasing Planning

    • Specifications Development

    • Value Analysis

    • Negotiation and Purchase Assistance

    • Supply Contract Administration​

  • Supply of spare partsStrategic partnership with Genuine, OEM and Quality Aftermarket Manufactures of parts for engines and ancillary equipment.

    • HFO, Diesel and Gas Engine Parts

    • Turbochargers​

    • Separators and Heat Exchangers

    • Filters

    • Pumps and Compressor.

    • Protection, Control and Automation

    • Diagnostic Tools

Financial Value of Equipment Management

Reduced safety incidents, improved environmental compliance   /  Increased availability and production rate   /   Improved quality   /   Reduced energy usage   /   Eliminated maintenance actions, reduced maintenance costs   /   Reduced spare parts inventory



Our consultancy services target the key areas that drive business growth for POWER PLANTS, including business development, strategic planning, operations, and finance. Our service delivery is bespoke to each power plant client's challenges, opportunities and objectives.

We offer innovative solutions an a best way to make things happen. We can be your partner in:​

  • Business Planning and Strategy

  • Financial Modeling

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Improve Operational Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Power Generation Efficiency

  • Physical Assets Management

  • Process Improvement Programs

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Development

  • Predictive and Total Preventive Maintenance


Extend the useful life of your plant equipment, and work to control and maintain the operating costs within the annual budget.

by providing specific management and professional services to assist you in improving service efficiency and effectiveness. 




In today's power generation environments, systems and equipment must perform at levels that were no though possible a decade ago. As power plants are pressured to reduce costs, they must generate more power with fewer resources and equipment back-up, 

We designed models of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) contracts to suit the specific needs of our customers, incorporating  strategy with maintenance management processes that increase equipment reliability, improve efficiency and effectiveness, lower maintenance costs, and better profitability and return from their power generation equipment assets.

Power Management Systems (PMS) by Quinque-n includes the following portfolio of O&M Management contract models:

  • "SPS": Spare Parts Supply Agreement

  • "TSA": Technical Service Agreement

  • "m": Technical Assistance in Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Maintenance Management Contract.

  • "o&m": Technical Assistance in Operation and Scheduled / Non-Scheduled Maintenance Management Contract.

  • "o&M": Technical Assistance in Operation and Complete Major Maintenance Service Management Contract.

  • "O&M": Full Operation and Maintenance Service Management Contract.

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